Titanium Ring Vs. Tungsten Carbide Ring - Help Me Choose

Titanium Ring Vs. Tungsten Carbide Ring - Help Me Choose

There is an increasing popularity for couples to select an alternative metal wedding band as opposed to the common gold, silver or platinum versions. Rings made from materials such as Titanium and Tungsten Carbide have gained popularity in recent years due to its comfort, durability and reasonable costs. So the big question most people ask is: Which should I choose? Titanium or Tungsten Carbide? The answer depends on your lifestyle and your sense of style.

Titanium is the more fragile metal of the two meaning if you work with your hands quite often it would be more prone to scratches. However, titanium is the lightest metal available and most who wear Titanium bands often forget they even have the ring on. Titanium jewelry will not deteriorate over time and it is resistant to breakage. The metal is hypoallergenic and a soft gray/silver in tone. Although it is more prone to scratches versus Tungsten Carbide, a professional jeweler will be able to refinish a Titanium band to restore its original luster, much like platinum, gold and silver. Titanium can be polished to create a very glossy finish or textured to turn the Titanium into a darker hue.

Tungsten Carbide is available in three colors: grey, black and white, with the latter resembling that of platinum and silver tones. Tungsten Carbide is extremely scratch resistant so it is the perfect ring for the person who works with their hands a lot. With its scratch resistant trait, Tungsten Carbide rings consistently look new and polished. Although wedding bands made of Tungsten Carbide are scratch resistant, the metal is a brittle material meaning if it were dropped against a hard surface, it may crack. However, since it is very scratch resistant, many wearers do not find the need to remove their rings very often.

For both types of metals, purchasing a ring made of Titanium or Tungsten Carbide means the ring cannot be traditionally sized as you would a ring made of platinum, gold or silver. However, large manufacturers such as Triton, Benchmark and ArtCarved offer Lifetime Ring Sizing programs that enable you to exchange your ring for a different size when your Titanium or Tungsten Carbide ring no longer fits. Many are surprised by how often and convenient this service can be used. Statistically, spouses gain weight in the first year of wedded bliss!

When deciding between the two types, take into consideration not only the styles available for the two types of materials, but the person wearing it. Men and women in service, military, firefighters, police force lean toward Tungsten Carbide rings since they are constantly using their hands for work and do not prefer to constantly having to remove their rings. Individuals who prefer Titanium bands appreciate the lightweight of the material, especially if they are not accustomed to wearing rings Ö until they get married and have to get used to it. With both metals, very low maintenance is required and with both versions being very affordable, no wonders they are becoming increasingly popular!

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