About Tungsten Carbide

About Tungsten Carbide

Tungsten Carbide is a warm gray-toned metal usually with a high polished finish. The polished sheen is favored by many as an alternative choice for wedding bands. Tungsten Carbide is scratch resistant through normal wear and consistently looks new and polished throughout time. It is a heavy metal, more so than its Gold and Platinum counterparts. It is the hardest metal in the world that is used for jewelry. Many men prefer a Tungsten Carbide wedding band for its masculine traits. Tungsten Carbide is a brittle material, meaning that if you drop it, it may crack. Fortunately, since Tungsten Carbide is very scratch resistant, a wedding band made of Tungsten Carbide can be kept on all the time and never have to be removed when working with your hands. Since Tungsten Carbide cannot be resized some jewelers have offer lifetime ring sizing.

Some manufacturers have developed a better formulated Tungsten Carbide called TC.850. It is a patented formula carefully formulated for enhanced durability, scratch resistance and polished luster. ArtCarved, Triton and Benchmark are among the few who use this patented Tungsten Carbide TC.850 formula. The differences between non-licensed formula of Tungsten Carbide and the licensed TC.850 are the durability and scratch resistancy. The TC.850 formula has been enhanced such that it will not shatter as easily as the non-licensed tungsten formula. Rest assured that your Tungsten Carbide rings purchased from BelloMarc.com will come with a limited lifetime warranty that will cover any manufacturing defects.

Tungsten Carbide TC850 is the originally patented formulation and only available at licensed retailers. Products made from Tungsten Carbide TC850 are solid, strong, scratch resistant and forever polished. These products are superior in their structural strength and weights.

Tungsten Carbide can be found at many jewelers, most notably as the primary material in men's wedding bands. When used as the primary material in a wedding band, the ring appears with a lustrous dark grey hue often buffed to a mirror finish. The finish is highly resistant to scuffs and scratches, holding its mirror-like shine for years. It is possible to inlay other materials such as woods, carbon fiber and precious metals. White Tungsten Carbide is a recent addition to the contemporary men's wedding band collection. White Tungsten Carbide bands combines the strength and scratch resistent characteristics with the look of white metal.

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