Carbon Fiber

Carbon Fiber is a very strong, light and exclusive material. It is not a metal but made of extremely thin fibers that are bonded together and then twisted together to form a yarn and eventually woven into fabric. The reinforcement of these fibers through polymer is most often epoxy. The density of carbon fiber is low making it an ideal application when a situation calls for low-weight requirement, which is why it is commonly seen and used in the racing industry. In more recent years, Carbon Fiber found its way as a medium for jewelers to work with when designing their pieces. Men have since discovered a newfound appreciation for jewelry and are quick to accessories their daily ensemble with items ranging from Carbon Fiber rings to cufflinks, tie bars and more. Carbon Fiber delivers high style and strength without the additional weight. Carbon Fiber jewelry is coated with a very deep glossy epoxy finish that will protect the carbon fiber and leave a brilliant sheen to its surface. Maintenance on Carbon Fiber is minimal, merely clean with warm water and non-abrasive soap.

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